RUNDERWEAR – #dontruncommando

I was kindly gifted few RUNDERWEAR items end on March 2019 and was able to test it on multiple occasions now, running Brighton Marathon, trail running and climbing. Having this blog post in mind I always tried to focus on how I feel wearing it but always failed. Failed because I was forgetting I wear it at all! All the items are so comfortable, I felt like running in clouds (if you would imagine that fluffy/soft clouds surround your private parts).


I am always a bit sceptical when it comes to running bras. They often don’t look very nice and most importantly don’t do the job. It might not be an issue if you are A cup, but can become a bouncing nightmare if you are C and above.

I was pleasantly surprised. It was easy to put on (although I prefer bras that you don’t have to put over your head I didn’t struggle with this one. Believe me, it happens. Several times I was stuck trying to put one on. It is because I am quite small in the ribs area, so my ‘under bra’ size is around 32-34 whereas the cup changes from B to D depending on a brand. Some brands make the bras not very elastic and putting it through might be an issue. Don’t you worry, it’s all good with this one! You can adjust the straps too to make the fit better.

I do not chafe (touch wood) but I know how important it is for so many of you to find a chafe-free underwear. I can only try to imagine how bad it can get during the race (imagine ultra race!) when you get this sort of pain and discomfort. This brand was built on the idea to create best possible and chafe-free underwear for active people. I hear from people that used to chafe that it works!

This was the first time I wore Hot Pants. Not my usual choice of cut but I fell in love with how comfortable they are! They are made by a machine which knits it ‘in a circle’ which means no side seams for ultimate comfort. Breathable fabric, light weight and dries very quickly!

If Hot Pants are not your cup of tea there are some other options to choose from. One my favourite ones are Low-Rise anti VPL Hipsters (VPL – Visible Panty Line). All underwear items are made from moisture-wicking fabric, label-free and designed to wick sweat away from your skin, which prevents any irritation you could get from running in a sweaty pants (who wants to run in sweaty pants anyway?).

All items are high quality. I have only been testing these products for about a month but hear from colleagues who had been wearing them for years how great and durable they are (last long time!). It’s a great option for people who want their runs to be uninterrupted with chafes and just enjoy doing sports, not worrying about those little but how important factors. If you want underwear that moves with your body when you run, this might be something for you.

I hear rumours they are to release new bras in over 60 different sizes this summer. Finally a brand who understands that one size doesn’t fit all!