10km, Race Reports

Winter London Run 2019

It has been over a year since I started running and you would have thought I have learnt something getting injured few times since the start… And you would be so wrong! I took a break from running in December 2018 and was supposed to start a new year easy, then I hit 171km in January doing two long runs nearly every weekend. What was I thinking?! Well, I clearly wasn’t thinking much and that resulted in come back of my injuries (ankles + knee) and some additional shin pain. I slowed down with the end of January and got myself to rethink my choices. I wasn’t sure if I will be able to race this one and decided to make a call on the day if I run at all. Race day came and I felt fine but there was no PB thinking. Plan was to run comfortably, maybe push a bit, but only if there is no pain.

Race details
Date: 3 February 2019
Location: London, UK
Temperature: 7C degrees
Distance: 10 km
Time: 00:51:39

It was a cold day but wasn’t raining. I wanted to run it in a vest, and came in such for a race but packed a long sleeve just in case and I’m glad I did! (I actually run back home from a bus stop to take it) I had to strip to my bra (running bra so covers a lot!) next to a bag drop tent and change quickly (there was no time to look for changing facilities and I don’t think there were any anyway).

Everyone was assigned a wave (mine was wave 2) but there was no organisation as such and people were lining up as they wanted. Each race number had a different colour to differentiate assigned wave and I saw all colours of the rainbow at the start line. Every wave was given a different start time so you could’ve only hoped that people will go to the start zone when their wave was due to start. I like it when it is slightly less strict as you might want to change your mind on the race day how fasy you want to run but in most cases it causes unnecessary traffic as I had to wiggle around  people slower than me for good 10-15 minutes of the race. I was a bit annoyed but the feeling faded and I was able to enjoy the run. This also makes me think how much time would I save if slow people would go with assigned wave! 😉

I didn’t have a plan for this race. My last 10km PB was from ages ago, something around 55min and I only roughly knew what pace I have to run to get a PB. I wasn’t much bothered… well, that’s a lie, I ws bothered but on purpose didn’t make a plan so I don’t push too much due to injuries. I was running fast and just hoping to maybe break those 55minutes slightly. I was checking my watch every now and then but wasn’t putting too much pressure on myself.

I think it was about 8-9km when I realised I am actually running a very good time. There was no pain in any of my joints so I pushed slightly more on the last kilometre. I wasn’t expecting a few min PB but there it was! 51min and 39sec! Now I know I surely can run under 50minutes. I was very happy on that day.


No name headband (amazon)
2XU MCS Run Compression Tight
Asics Kayano 25 shoes
Caterpy Laces (so you don’t have to worry about stopping and fixing your laces while running)
Race belt
Sweaty Betty Ultra Run bra (the best running bra ever)
Salomon Women’s Lightning HZ Mid Top
Garmin Forerunner 235


My favourite part by far was “Husky Area” where people dressed into fluffy onesies as huskies were “dancing” and giving HI FIVE. I find huskies adorable and this definitely gave ma a good kick of positive energy (and speed).
I also love London’s running community and how you always run into your friends (those who you have met before and those who you only have been following on instagram until you meet them accidentally somewhere).