Category: Marathon

Brighton Marathon 2019

What I was waiting for the most was to finally have an injury-pain-free marathon race. Until the day of the race I wasn’t sure if this will happen as there still were some niggles in my ankles every now and then (not to mention a knee…). Three times lucky!...
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Valencia Marathon 2018

My first marathon was a disaster – I was injured and because of that injury I couldn’t tackle in proper training. My second marathon was supposed to be different. And it was, it was way worse, and all that was my own fault. It also taught me a lot...
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Wroclaw Marathon 2018

If you would have had a conversation with me 1.5 year ago, and told me that I am going to run a marathon one day, I would have probably just start laughing. Running was not on my mind at all. 5km would have been a real struggle at the...
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