There was always something. Since I was a kid I remember going with my parents on cycling and hiking trips, travelling and sightseeing, always exploring something. I hiked a lot in Polish, Czech and Slovenian mountains, road tripped in many countries and hiked 160km Annapurna Circuit in Nepali Himalayas crossing Thorong-La Pass at 5416m.

This is my little quiet corner to share more about my recent challenges. It all started with a sprint triathlon in 2017 my friend talked me into doing. Idea was simple, let’s do it together! I signed up to AJ Bell London Triathlon taking place on 23 Jul 2017, then she said she actually can’t do it with me. It was too late to bail for me. I was already a cyclist, I thought I can swim (there’s a story behind it, just a quick note – I was wrong, I couldn’t swim!), all I had to do is start running and at the time I couldn’t run 2km without running out of breath! As funny as it sounds, at the time I wasn’t able to control my speeds, knew only one speed and it took some time to learn how to jog. Less than 3 months after signing up I was running, completed my triathlon and in August 2017 ran my first 2 half marathons in the week of my birthday (beginning and end of the week) but I wasn’t really enjoying it. I went for 3 months solo backpacking to India, where I finished a 200hr course and became a certified yoga teacher. This was followed by a half marathon in Goa in 36 C degrees, high humidity and without proper training (India is not really ‘shorts’ friendly for blond, solo travelling female so I wasn’t risking my training runs).
I started running regularly in 2018, and I started to love it, or maybe just the taste of new challenges that were to come.

I ran my first marathon on 9 September 2018. After few more marathons and ultra marathons, now I am training for my first IronMan(2021).