There was always something. Since I was a kid I remember me and my parents going on cycling and hiking trips, travelling and sightseeing always exploring something. I hiked a lot in Polish, Czech and Slovenian mountains, road tripped in many countries and hiked 160km Annapurna Circuit in Nepali Himalayas summiting Thorong-La Pass at 5416m.

What I want to share here is more about recent challenges and it all started with a sprint triathlon in 2017 my friend talked me into doing. Idea was simple, lets do it together! I signed up to AJ Bell London Triathlon taking place on 23 Jul 2017, then she said she actually can't do it with me. It was too late to bail.

I was already a cyclist, I thought I can swim (there's a story behind it, just a quick note - I was wrong, I couldn't swim!), all I had to do is start running and at the time I couldn't run 2km without running out of breath! As funny as it sounds, at the time I wasn't able to control my speeds, knew only one speed and it took some time to learn how to jog. Less than 3 months after signing up I was running, completed my triathlon and in August 2017 ran my first 2 half marathons in the week of my birthday (beginning and end of the week) but I wasn't really enjoying it. I went for 3 months backpacking to India where I finished a 200hr course and became a Yoga Certified Teacher and ran a half marathon in Goa in 36 C degrees, high humidity and without proper training (India is not really 'shorts' friendly for blond, solo travelling female so I wasn't risking my training runs).
It came to me in January 2018. I started running regularly, I saw how I improve and I started loving it.

I ran my first marathon on 9 September 2018.

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